Exclusive Update on AR Fox’s Unexpected AEW All In Removal – Controversy Surrounds Fox

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AR Fox’s removal from the AEW All In Coffin match has left fans wondering what led to the sudden change. Originally slated to team up with Swerve Strickland against Sting and Darby Allin, Fox was replaced by Christian Cage, taking everyone by surprise. According to a report from Wrestling Headlines, it seems that Fox had some heat on him, which ultimately resulted in his removal from the match.

However, an update from Fightful Select sheds more light on the situation. It appears that Fox has not worked any international dates since 2016 and failed to disclose this information to AEW. As a result, when it came time for the London event, Fox was unable to participate, leading to the decision to replace him with Cage. While Fox is well-liked within the company, there was indeed some heat on him due to this mishap.

Due to these circumstances, AR Fox did not make an appearance on this week’s AEW programming, leaving fans disappointed.

For more information on the backstage news surrounding AR Fox and the reasons behind his removal from the AEW All In match, you can check out the full article on Wrestling Headlines.

Source: Wrestling Headlines

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