Exclusive: Major League Wrestling unveils highly-anticipated NJPW superstar joining forces in groundbreaking alliance

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MLW and NJPW recently launched a partnership to share talent, and the next wrestler to cross through the Forbidden Door is Minoru Suzuki.

Kaze ni nare!

Suzuki will grace an MLW ring for the Slaughterhouse event on October 14 in Philadelphia. No opponent has been named yet.

Oh, yeah. Count me as excited for this announcement. The first name that comes to mind for a cross-promotional showdown is Jacob Fatu. The Samoan Werewolf has a deadly aura that is worthy of competition with Suzuki. Heck, I’d also be excited to see Suzuki go straight to the top to challenge Alex Kane for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. The Suplex Assassin would be in for a hell of a fight. Suzuki is the kind of opponent that would enhance Kane’s legacy with the title.

The partnership between MLW and NJPW began at Fury Road with Kushida wrestling Tony Deppen. They put on a darn good match. The Time Splitter was victorious on a small package driver. Enjoy this highlight of a step-up senton off a chair.

Does Suzuki in an MLW ring make your loins growl? Who would you like to see as Suzuki’s opponent at Slaughterhouse?


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MLW and NJPW recently announced a groundbreaking partnership that allows for the sharing of talent between the two promotions. The latest wrestler to take advantage of this collaboration is none other than the legendary Minoru Suzuki.

Suzuki, known for his intense and hard-hitting style, will make his presence felt at MLW’s upcoming event, Slaughterhouse, scheduled for October 14 in

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