Endeavors Meeting Causes Stir: Could WWEs Deal with FOX be on the Line?

So, [Endeavor] had a meeting this week because of the negotiations, and they actually expressed some serious concern that FOX may not be the best partner for WWE.”

WWE stock took a 7.5% hit on Wednesday due to Endeavor’s concern that FOX may not be a good partner for WWE, as they are not willing to meet the 1.75x renewal in rights fees. This concern was revealed by Brandon Ross and Rich Greenfield of LightShed Partners in their podcast, after a meeting held earlier in the week. This news set off a “complete panic,” leading to the drop in stock. What?

Endeavor had a meeting with investors in which they implied that renewing a deal with FOX would be too costly. This news caused a panic among investors, causing the stock to tank. Ross and Greenfield then discussed FOX’s relationship with WWE, implying that FOX is talking down their interest. Two hyperlinks were not included. This discussion included potential partners such as NBCUniversal, ESPN, and Amazon. They discussed that WWE might have a better chance at negotiating a favorable rate if they partner with one of these companies.

In this discussion, Ross and Greenfield discuss WWE’s absence from the FOX upfront and the potential implications that could have on their negotiations for the future of SmackDown. They suggest that WWE might have more leverage negotiating with alternative partners such as NBCUniversal, ESPN, and Amazon. The two also speculate that FOX’s reluctance to pay an increased rate could be a reason for WWE’s absence from the upfront. This article further explains the discussion, while this one provides additional context about WWE’s negotiations with FOX. Ross discussed WWE’s search for credible bidders for their television rights fees, with potential bidders such as Disney and NBCU being mentioned. It is essential for WWE to have multiple bidders in order to get a substantial increase in rights fees. WWE TV Rights Fee Update: More On Disney Negotiations and WWE TV Updates: Exclusive Negotiation Window Expires, Who Could Be Next? provide more information on WWE’s television rights fee negotiations. com/”>WrestlingHeadlines.com.

There have been no talks between WWE and other networks to compete with FOX for the RAW and SmackDown TV deals. For more updates, follow @this_is_marc and stay informed on WrestlingHeadlines.com. Word got out to the WWE community that this meeting happened and it was a complete panic.” WWE stock dropped almost 7.5% after news of a meeting between Endeavor representatives and FOX reps discussing the future of SmackDown, and investors’ concern that FOX may not be willing to meet the 1.75x renewal in rights fees. This news was revealed on the latest podcast episode of LightShed Partners, LightShed TMT. So, they have interest in renewing, they just don’t like the deal that was on the table.

Endeavor reportedly said FOX was not a good partner and wanted to not renew a deal at a 1.75x rate. This caused a panic and took down the stock. FOX has an interest in renewing, but does not like the deal that was on the table. FOX and WWE have a relationship and it was discussed in the meeting. Two hyperlinks:

Endeavor: https://endeavor.com/
WWE: https://www.wwe.com/ This professional wrestling journalism article explores the lack of WWE presence at FOX Upfronts and the potential ramifications for the future of SmackDown.
Fox Upfronts and WWE SmackDown were discussed and the implications of FOX not wanting to pay an increase for the show were explored. This article summarizes Dave Meltzer’s discussion of uncertainty surrounding WWE’s TV rights fees due to the lack of obvious bidders. Despite the lack of a clear bidder, Meltzer acknowledges that it is possible for Disney and NBCU to step in and bid for the rights.

Dave Meltzer discussed the uncertainty surrounding WWE’s TV rights fee due to the lack of obvious bidders. Potential bidders include Disney and NBCU, although the price they are willing to pay is unclear. [Hyperlink 1: Dave Meltzer discusses WWE TV rights fees, [Hyperlink 2: Potential bidders for WWE TV rights fees] There is no current news of any network actively negotiating for the WWE RAW and SmackDown TV deals. Stay informed by visiting WrestlingHeadlines.com or follow Marc on Twitter at @this_is_marc. For more information, read the article from POST Wrestling.

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