Downstait’s Frontman Reveals Cody Rhodes Insisted on ‘Kingdom’ Entrance Theme Before Joining WWE

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During a recent interview with Insight With Chris Van Vilet, Zack Call of Downstait discussed his involvement with creating Cody Rhodes’ entrance theme, ‘Kingdom’. According to Call, during negotiations for Rhodes’ return to WWE, Rhodes refused to return unless he could use ‘Kingdom’ as his theme. Despite some initial nerves, Call was happy to learn that everything worked out in the end. Call shared that he had worked very hard on the song and was not ready to give it up. However, Rhodes assured him that he would only return if ‘Kingdom’ was able to go with him. Rhodes has remained truthful to his word and continues to use the song as his entrance theme. In a recent interview, Cody Call discussed the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling and how it can all come down to a make or break moment. He even recalled a conference call where there was a brief moment of silence that could have changed everything. Call also discussed the iconic “WOAH” in his theme music, revealing that it was a planned Easter egg for wrestling fans. The Smoke and Mirrors team deliberately included it as a callback joke, and it seems even WWE’s Kevin Dunn is a fan of the tune. For the full interview, check out the link on Zack Call, the lead singer of Downstait, recently appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vilet and discussed his experience working on Cody Rhodes’ entrance theme, “Kingdom.” According to Call, when Cody was negotiating his return to WWE, he refused to come back unless he could use “Kingdom” as his theme. This made Call nervous, but in the end, everything worked out. The singer did not reveal further details about the negotiation, but it seems like Cody was determined to have his preferred entrance theme. This news was originally reported by <a During an interview, Cody explained that he wanted something that was easily recognizable and could be chanted by the fans. The "woah" sound was originally used as a placeholder, but it quickly became a staple of the theme. He also wanted to incorporate a rock feel to the theme, which was achieved through the use of electric guitars. The end result is a theme that perfectly captures Cody's larger-than-life personality and his status as one of the top stars in professional wrestling today. With, you can keep up with all the latest news and updates on Cody and other top wrestlers in the industry. Don't miss out on any of the action, visit today! In a recent interview with Chris Van Vilet, lead singer of Downstait, the band behind Cody Rhodes' "Kingdom" entrance theme, revealed that Rhodes refused to go to WWE without their song as his entrance music. The band's song has become an iconic part of Rhodes' entrance, with WWE's Kevin Dunn being a huge fan of the tune. This attention to detail and emphasis on certain aspects of wrestling is what makes fans so passionate and excited to catch on to Easter eggs and inside jokes. Check out the full interview with the lead singer of Downstait, and keep an eye out for more iconic entrance themes on Professional wrestling has been a popular entertainment industry for decades, with millions of fans tuning in to watch their favorite wrestlers battle it out in the ring. As one of the top wrestling websites on the internet, provides fans with the latest news, results, and analysis from the world of professional wrestling.

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