Dominik Mysterio is now harassing his dad at NASCAR events

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Maybe it’s because Rey Mysterio had the court issue an order preventing his son from coming within 100 feet of his house after Dominik & Rhea Ripley ruined Thanksgiving and Christmas? Given how transformative an experience Dom’s brief stay in lock-up was for him, he probably wouldn’t risk running afoul of the law.

Whatever the reason, seeing as 3/4 of The Judgement Day and Rey & The New Day were at the LA Coliseum ahead of the NASCAR event there this Sunday, Dom decided last night (Feb. 2) would be a good time to resume harassing his old man.

What’s happening here? As the tweet says, we’ll find out more tonight. But we can connect some dots right now.

This weekend’s race, Clash at the Coliseum, will air on FOX. So that explains the presence of a bunch of WWE Superstars at the track, and why this is being promoted on SmackDown.

As for why WWE is kickstarting the Mysterio family feud? Rumor has it they’ve long wanted Rey vs. Dominik to happen at WrestleMania 39, so it’s time to remind everyone why they’re fighting. It’s also possible Rey’s most recent injury prevented them from doing something they planned for Royal Rumble.

Either way, it’s back! Join us in our SmackDown live blog tonight to find out what else went down at the races — and what’s next in this father/son program.


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