Devastating Blow: Mercedes Moné sidelined with injury confirmed by New Japan

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Sasha Banks, formerly known as fka Sasha Banks, has sustained an injury during Resurgence’s main event, leading to her absence from the ring. While there are no new updates on her diagnosis, an official statement has been issued to explain her absence. Earlier in the night, she and CMLL’s Stephanie Vaquer had an impressive performance, nearly stealing the show. Mercedes Moné also had her second match at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s recent Resurgence event in Long Beach, California. For more details on the event, you can check out this article from <a The wrestling world was left in shock when Mercedes Moné, better known as the Legit C.E.O., suffered an injury to her right ankle during her match with Willow Nightingale in the main event of Resurgence on May 21. Although the official statement from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) did not provide a diagnosis, it confirmed the injury and stated that Moné underwent a thorough appraisal and began treatment immediately after her match. The injury has also been brought into NJPW's storylines, providing an explanation for Moné's absence in the ring. NJPW and fans alike are hoping for a speedy and full recovery for the former Sasha Banks. You can read the official statement from NJPW on their website. According to the latest reports, Mercedes Mones has suffered a broken ankle, which could keep her out of action for up to two months. This news has been confirmed by New Japan officials, leaving fans disappointed but at the same time, excited about the upcoming return of Sasha Banks. For more information about Mercedes Mones' injury and Sasha Banks' resurgence, visit

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