D-Von Dudley Reveals He’s Close to Being Cleared to Wrestle, Vince McMahon – Triple H

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WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley recently took part in a signing with Signed by Superstars. D-Von was asked if he would be participating in the Royal Rumble. He dismissed the possibility but stated that he is close to being cleared after undergoing backstage testing last year.

If he would be at Saturday’s WWE Royal Rumble:

“I’ll tell you where I’m not going to be. No, I will not be at the Rumble. My back surgery I just had February 15th so February 15th of this year will be a year that I will be cleared and I’ll be ready to go.”

If it was less stressful working for Triple H or Vince McMahon:

“Let me just put it to you this way. I enjoyed my time with WWE. I have nothing bad to say. I think the job is stressful whether you’re with Vince or Triple H because again, it’s a live television show. You got guys who can be primadonnas at times and if they want to do something they feel passionate about, they’re gonna wanna do it. You’ve got to be the guy to tell them ‘no’ because this is what the boss wants. In my opinion, working with both Vince and Hunter was great. I had a good time. I learned a lot and it made me the person who I am today. So I’ve got nothing bad to say about either man. I know people have their personal opinions on what they feel about certain people who were their bosses. I’ve got nothing negative to say.”

If he planned to wrestle again:

“Do I have one more match in me? Possibly. I have to get cleared by the doctors first. Remember, I had back surgery on February 15th. I had three discs removed and put into bolts and screws. I’m definitely dealing with that right now. I feel great, I’m back in the gym. I’m doing what I gotta do. I just gotta be able to move around the way I used to in order to get back in the ring again.”

You can watch the signing below:

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