Corey Graves Hints Logan Paul vs. Bad Bunny Match Could Make WWE Big Money

Corey Graves suggests a potential match between Bad Bunny and Logan Paul in WWE due to their effort and hard work in the last couple of years. He expressed his opinion on the After The Bell podcast. All these celebrities are coming in, they’re fighting and then people watch and then they become interested in the sport. That’s great for all of us in the locker room. Johny Graves explains that the business of professional wrestling is all about promotion and celebrities helps promote the industry.

Johny Graves, a professional wrestling journalist, has an understanding that professional wrestling is all about promotion and celebrities are a viable way of promoting the business. He states that 10 years ago he was skeptical of their involvement in the industry, but has since had a change of heart. Johny Graves now believes that celebrity involvement in the wrestling industry is beneficial for all parties involved.

Two excellent sources discussing the involvement of celebrities in professional wrestling include Jon Moxley and John Graves Discuss Celebrity Involvement in Wrestling, and John Graves On The Importance Of Celebrities Involvement In Wrestling. com/nick-khan-talks-brining-bad-bunny-and-logan-paul-into-wwe/”>WWE CEO Nick Khan recently discussed the potential of Logan Paul and Bad Bunny wrestling in WWE. Corey Graves, a professional wrestling journalist, expressed his opinion that having the two fight would bring in a lot of attention and money for WWE, and that there is too much money on the table not to pursue it. H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling. With the right build, the right story, and the right platform, I think it would draw money for WWE, Corey Graves said.

Corey Graves believes a Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul match in WWE would generate revenue and get over with fans. He explains why it would work and suggests both men be given time to prepare. Hyperlinks: Corey Graves Thinks A Logan Paul vs. Bad Bunny Match Would Be Money In WWE and After The Bell podcast. Bad Bunny and Logan Paul have both put in extensive work and effort to perform in the WWE and are using their celebrity status to help promote the wrestling industry. WWE commentator Corey Graves explains that a decade ago there may have been a chip on the shoulder of those who paid their dues to work in the industry, but now they understand that celebrities help to raise the tide for all ships and everyone in the locker room would be begging to get on a card with them. Two helpful links to further explore this topic are [WWE and Bad Bunny]( and [Logan Paul’s WWE Debut]( com/2021/03/30/the-new-day-on-bad-bunny-vs-logan-paul/”>Post Wrestling.)

Nick Khan, WWE CEO, recently spoke about the success of Logan Paul and Bad Bunny in WWE, stating that their involvement has generated a lot of attention. He believes a match between the two would be hugely successful, resulting in a lot of money being left on the table if it did not happen. Read his comments here (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling). Corey Graves, a wrestling analyst, has hyped up a potential match between Bad Bunny and Logan Paul. He believes that there is a lot of money to be made if the fight takes place. Post Wrestling reported on Corey Graves’ comments.

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