Chris Jericho’s Explosive Take on CM Punk’s Shocking AEW Departure

Chris Jericho, one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, recently discussed the departure of CM Punk from AEW on his podcast, Talk is Jericho. Jericho shared his thoughts on the situation while recapping his match with Will Ospreay at All In.

The firing of CM Punk came following a physical altercation with Jack Perry at All In. This incident prompted an internal investigation, which ultimately led to Tony Khan, the president of AEW, deciding to part ways with the former AEW World Heavyweight Champion less than a week later.

During the podcast, Jericho addressed the situation, stating, “I don’t want to dwell on this or talk about it, but I should address it. CM Punk is no longer with AEW. Wembley was his last match, and what a way to go out if you’re going to go out.”

Jericho also revealed that he had a brief conversation with Punk before their respective matches at All In. He mentioned that he asked Punk if he was planning to perform a frankensteiner off the top rope, as Jericho had considered doing the move himself. However, Punk decided against it. Jericho then jokingly told Punk that he was going to perform the GTS (Go To Sleep), Punk’s signature move, during their match. Jericho clarified that it was all in good fun and that he did not actually perform the move.

Reflecting on the situation, Jericho expressed his regret over what happened but acknowledged that Tony Khan had made his decision. He also acknowledged Punk’s significant contributions to AEW during his time with the company. Jericho emphasized that Punk went out on top by having a high-profile match with Samoa Joe in a sold-out stadium.

It’s worth noting that Jericho’s comments on CM Punk’s departure from AEW were sourced from an interview with Fightful.

For more details on Chris Jericho’s thoughts on CM Punk’s departure from AEW, you can read the full article on Wrestling Headlines.

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