Chris Jericho Thinks AEW Should Re-Sign Brian Cage

Chris Jericho has liked what he’s seen from Brian Cage to the point that he thinks AEW should keep him around. 

On January 24, it was reported that Cage’s AEW contract was “due to expire in a couple of weeks.”

Jericho told Matty Paddock of the Daily Star that he thinks AEW should re-sign Cage. 

“I think Brian Cage over the last six months is the best Brian Cage has ever been. I think he’s finally starting to understand some of the psychology of wrestling rather than just moves and that sort of thing. He is one of a kind with his size and agility, but now there is more intensity and I think he’s really understanding who he is as a wrestler. Six months ago I might have said ‘Well, whatever, if he says that’s cool,’ but now I think he has become a way more valuable part of our roster and I would sign him for sure. Absolutely.”


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