Chris Jericho Ecstatic About Epic Showdown with Will Ospreay at AEW All In!

Chris Jericho recently spoke about his highly anticipated match against Will Ospreay at the historic All In event from Wembley. The veteran wrestler shared his thoughts on the match during the latest edition of his podcast, highlighting the atmosphere and the chemistry between the two competitors as key factors in its success.

In the podcast episode, Jericho revealed that he and Ospreay were given a 17-minute timeframe for their match but decided to go a bit shorter. According to Jericho, the length of a match doesn’t necessarily determine its quality; instead, it’s the atmosphere, vibe, and the moves executed by the wrestlers that make a match great.

Jericho expressed his satisfaction with the match, even going as far as calling it one of his favorites throughout his illustrious career. He specifically mentioned the counters and reversals they incorporated, including his attempt at a ‘Jericho Cutter’ (similar to Ospreay’s Oscutter) and the iconic moment when he reversed Ospreay’s Storm Breaker into a Walls of Jericho.

Furthermore, Jericho highlighted other notable moments in the match, such as the frankensteiner off the top rope, the multiple Codebreakers, and Ospreay’s resilience in kicking out of the Judas Effect. Jericho also mentioned playfully giving Ospreay the finger, daring him to pin him, which added to the overall excitement of the match.

Jericho’s positive review of the match showcases his appreciation for the artistry and storytelling involved in professional wrestling. As a veteran in the industry, his endorsement holds significant weight and can influence fans’ perception of the match.

During the podcast, Jericho also touched on the CM Punk situation from All In, revealing that he had a conversation with Punk at the event. For more details on this interaction, you can find the article on Wrestling Headlines.

In conclusion, Chris Jericho’s recent comments on his match with Will Ospreay at All In shed light on the intricacies that make a wrestling match memorable. The chemistry between the competitors, the execution of moves, and the overall atmosphere contribute to the success of a match. Jericho’s endorsement of this particular match adds to its legacy, making it one of his personal favorites in his storied career.

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