Bray Wyatt: Organic Storytelling Is “The Genius Of Triple H”


Bray Wyatt has credited WWE Head of Creative Triple H for an uptake in ‘organic’ storytelling in recent months.

The Game was appointed to the role in July 2022, replacing his father-in-law Vince McMahon.


As Head of Talent Relations, Triple H also oversaw Wyatt’s return, which was the climax of the popular ‘White Rabbit’ vignettes in late 2022.

Speaking to Ryan Satin of Out of Character, Wyatt spoke about a change in storytelling fans have seen since the Game’s appointment.

“This is different now. It’s more of a free flow. Everything that happens now is organic and I don’t know if you can tell, you know, from a television standpoint as much. I think you can.

“But now it’s like, when things happen, they happen in the moment, you know? It’s not preparation. It’s not all this hoopla surrounding it and there’s not all these rules. It’s kind of, things are just happening that is the genius of Triple H.”

Wyatt will compete against LA Knight in the first Pitch Black match at tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble Premium Live Event.

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