Braun’s already back & having fun with concussion-induced botch

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Unfortunately, that “epic sequence” I wrote about last Saturday wasn’t just a bit of goofy fun. Before he hip tossed his tag partner Ricochet to the mat and took a self-bump on the apron, Braun Strowman had suffered a concussion (in my defense, I raised that possibility and gave him props for improvising a cover for the failed throw, but… yeah, lesson learned).

Big Braun doesn’t seem offended, though. In fact, as he returned to action last night (April 28) on SmackDown, he and Ric had some fun with last week’s gaffe.

It happened during their three-way match with Street Profits and the LWO. Strowman cleared the ring, then went to grab Ricochet to hurl him onto their opponents on the floor. The One And Only had some doubts, but after making the sign of the cross like a good Christian lad, he let Braun do the spot.

Cleared of his brain injury, it was no problem:

We are laughing… which is a lot more fun when you know the person you’re laughing with doesn’t have a concussion.


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