BOSJ 30 B Block Battle: Who will Come Out on Top on Night 10?

The Australian continued to target the leg, attempting to lock in a submission, but Desperado kicked free and locked in a sleeper that had Eagles passing out, and it was El Desperado who advanced to the semifinals.

El Desperado defeated Robbie Eagles in the main event of Best of the Super Jr.30 in Yoyogi, Japan, to advance to the semifinals. Desperado targeted Eagles’ knee to gain an advantage, but Eagles fought back with a suplex. Desperado eventually locked in a sleeper hold, leading to Eagles passing out and Desperado advancing. Watch the replay here, and find out more about the tournament here. Desperado wasted no time, rolling right into a figure four, but a desperate rope break saved the Sniper from tapping out. Eagles refused to give ground, and pushed Desperado into the corner, looking for the TKO, but a desperation enziguri found the mark, and Desperado regained control with a Rainmaker. Eagles countered with a desperation Backstabber, and Desperado just barely kicked out.

Eagles and Desperado engaged in an intense wrestling match, in which Eagles attempted a suplex, Numero Dos and a 619 to the leg. Desperado countered with a Canadian Destroyer, Ron Miller Special and a knee crusher. Eagles fought back with a TKO attempt and a Backstabber, but Desperado was able to kick out. In the end, Desperado landed a Rainmaker and Eagles barely escaped with a rope break. SupleX and Canadian Destroyer were used in the match. After getting the upper hand, YOH connected with a massive lariat to finally put down Kanemaru and punch his ticket to the semi-finals of the tournament.

YOH defeated Yoshinobu Kanemaru in the semi-finals of the tournament to advance to the final four. Kanemaru had targeted YOH’s knee during the match, but YOH eventually fought back and connected with a dropkick and plancha. He then hit Kanemaru with a massive lariat for the victory. Guitarra Del Angel vs. Eagles and YOH vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru matches both ended with YOH as victor.

YOH was eliminated after Kanemaru applied a Figure Four and a leg lace rollup for three. Master Wato and Kevin Knight engaged in a high level opening exchange, with Knight utilizing an armbar and plancha. Wato responded with a leg lariat and tope con giro, but was ultimately unable to secure victory. Read more about YOH’s elimination and Master Wato’s battle with Kevin Knight in the NJPW Super J-Cup on Pro Wrestling Sheet. Connors then discovered another gear, his power game proving too much for Moloney in the end as he hit the Spear for the win.

This article covers a professional wrestling match between Wato and Clark Connors. Wato defeated Knight with a Tsutenkaku German, while Clark Connors won with a Spear. [Hyperlink 1]( and [Hyperlink 2]( provide further information about the match. In the first match of the night, BUSHI defeated Francesco Akira with a Cross Knee Bar submission. In the second match, Will Ospreay defeated El Phantasmo with a countout thanks to a Gore outside the ring. Both matches were highly contested and showcased the athleticism of the competitors. Read More.

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