Bayley Fights Back: WWE Womens Tag Titles on the Line After Latest Challenge

The IIconics’ reign wasn’t much longer. And the most recent titleholders, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, failed to establish any sort of stability.

WWE introduced the Women’s Tag Team Championship in late 2018, but the inaugural reigns were short-lived. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross are the most recent titleholders, but haven’t been able to establish any stability. com/wwe/2019/12/26/21037488/bayley-banks-wwe-womens-tag-team-champions-history-first-final”>became the inaugural champions in December 2019, has had a reign of more than 200 days since then — but she’s the only champion to hold the belts for more than a few weeks.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team titles have changed hands numerous times since their inception in December 2019. Bayley is the only champion to hold the belts for more than a few weeks. Most recently, the titles have been vacated due to an injury to team member Liv Morgan. Rumors swirl that the belts are cursed. Sasha Bayley, who led the push for the introduction of Women’s Tag Team championships, acknowledges its troubled legacy despite hope. Cagesiders are asked if there is still magic in the titles, or if WWE booking and bad luck will remain undefeated.

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