Arn Anderson Praises Sid Vicious as the Ultimate Heel, Dishes on Dynamic Team-Up with Colonel Robert Parker

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson recently shared his thoughts on various topics during his latest ARN show. One of the topics discussed was his WCW run in 1993 and his thoughts on Sid Vicious. Anderson had high praise for Vicious as a heel and discussed his pairing with Colonel Robert Parker.

When asked if Sid Vicious could have been a big babyface for WWE in 1993 if he had stayed, Anderson responded, “I don’t know, but boy, it sure was a no-brainer him being a heel. What a look. Yeah. I mean, again, you’re talking monsters. He was a monster.”

Anderson also spoke about the decision to put Sid Vicious with Colonel Robert Parker, saying, “Big time, Colonel could talk his ass off talking about entertaining. What a character he was.”

Regarding Sid Vicious’ work, Anderson expressed his belief that Vicious was a great heel. He mentioned that putting him as a babyface was like swimming upstream because Vicious was not comfortable in that role. Anderson emphasized the importance of being comfortable in one’s own skin in the wrestling business, stating, “If you don’t feel it, if you don’t live in it, it’s not going to happen for you.”

Arn Anderson’s insights provide a glimpse into the world of professional wrestling and the decision-making process behind character alignments. Sid Vicious’ imposing look and natural ability as a heel made him a standout performer during his time in WCW. The pairing with Colonel Robert Parker, who was known for his entertaining promos, added an extra layer of charisma to Vicious’ character.

Anderson’s comments shed light on the challenges of transitioning a wrestler from a heel to a babyface role. It requires not only the right character alignment but also the individual’s comfort and confidence in portraying that role. Wrestling is a business where authenticity and believability are crucial, and if a performer is not comfortable in their character, it can hinder their success.

It’s interesting to hear the perspective of someone like Arn Anderson, who has years of experience in the industry and has seen the evolution of wrestling characters and storylines. His insights provide valuable context to the decisions made behind the scenes.

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