Anthony Bowens Expresses Desire to Make History as AEW’s Groundbreaking Gay World Champion

Anthony Bowens, a member of The Acclaimed in AEW, has set his sights on a major goal: becoming the promotion’s first gay world champion. In an interview with Out Magazine, the reigning Trios Champion expressed his desire to achieve this milestone.

When asked about his goals in AEW, Bowens stated, “As much as I hope The Acclaimed, the tag team I’m a part of, stays forever, I would love to become AEW’s first gay World Champion. I got the Tag Team titles checked off the list, but there hasn’t been a gay World Champion. I would also like to be a Grand Slam champion, too, which is where you win every title once.”

Bowens also highlighted the progress that has been made in the wrestling industry, noting that gay wrestlers no longer have to conform to stereotypes as they did in the past. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be seen as credible athletes and champions, alongside other queer athletes in AEW such as Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss.

“Thankfully we don’t have to exist anymore being stereotypes or being the fodder in the story. We’re presented as credible athletes and champions like myself or [Nyla Rose]. Wrestling has come a long way with the presentation of queer athletes, which is why I’m particularly happy I’m signed to All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan and the company allow us to be us and whatever that may be, whether it’s Sonny Kiss, who is genderfluid, or Nyla Rose, or myself who now has straight people scissoring each other (laughs). I don’t ever have to worry about upper management trying to change me or direct me to be a certain way. Hopefully, wrestling continues to move in that direction. The independent circuit is doing great because now, there are so many LGBTQ+ wrestlers. It’s come a very long way, and I’m excited to see where it continues to go,” Bowens explained.

The Acclaimed, consisting of Anthony Bowens and Max Caster, will be making an appearance on this Saturday’s edition of Collision. Fans can check out the latest lineup for the show on Wrestling Headlines here.

For more on Anthony Bowens’ aspirations to become AEW’s first gay world champion, you can read the full article on Wrestling Headlines here.


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