AEW Superstars’ Candid Backstage Conversations: Unveiling Pulsating Reactions and Locker Room Dynamics After CM Punk’s Shocking Departure

After CM Punk’s departure from AEW, there seems to be a positive shift in locker room morale, according to insiders within the company. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that while some AEW talents who were close to Punk were upset by his release, others are describing a more uplifting backstage atmosphere.

Andrade El Idolo publicly showed his support for Punk, but Brody King was reportedly upset over the All In incident involving Jack Perry. AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR, who are good friends with Punk, were also affected by his departure. Additionally, at least three other unnamed wrestlers were said to be “very upset” by the situation.

Despite these negative reactions, many other AEW wrestlers have expressed that the backstage atmosphere has significantly improved since Punk’s departure. They describe it as if a dark cloud has been lifted, and they are enjoying the recent All Out Weekend shows.

Interestingly, there appears to be a contrast between the fun backstage environment and the business side of AEW. The Wrestling Observer points out that live ticket sales for shows where Punk was advertised, such as the Collision shows, have been lower than expected. Saturday night shows typically draw more ticket sales than Wednesday shows, but the advances for most cities going forward have not been strong.

While the departure of CM Punk may have initially caused some unrest within the AEW locker room, it seems that overall morale has improved. The positive backstage atmosphere is creating a more enjoyable and uplifting environment for the wrestlers. However, the impact of Punk’s absence on ticket sales is something that AEW will need to address in order to ensure continued success.

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