AEW Rampage Results 1/27/23

On the heels of not only a very special, and emotional Dynamite, but a very good pro wrestling show… it’s time for Rampage! Some big matches on tap this week,:

Tony Mud vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
Jamie Hayter vs. Emi Sakura
Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, & Sonjay Dutt vs. The Best FriendsHausen
Hangman Page vs. Wheeler Yuta

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AEW Rampage 1/27/23

Jim Ross, Excalibur, Chris Jericho, and Tony Schiavone are on the call tonight from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky!

Match #1. Wheeler Yuta vs. Hangman Page

Yuta starts with a dropkick and a quick octopus hold before the announcers can even catch their breath. Yuta quickly transitions to a leg lace with some heavy ground and pound. Inverted Indian Death Lock by Yuta but Page gets to the ropes. Both men exchange heavy chops, with Page getting the better of it and Yuta forced to retreat to the corner. Running elbow by Page and a basement lariat get a two count. Fall away slam by Page followed by a kip up. Lariat by Page sends Yuta to the outside, as Page follows up with a plancha to the floor. Yuta gets back in the ring as Page looks to the fans, and Yuta catches Page with a suicide dive. Yuta in control now with heavy chops to Page on the floor. Yuta looks for a second suicide dive but Page catches him and hits a pop-up powerbomb on the apron. Back inside the ring, Page catches Yuta charging with a running pop-up Liger Bomb for a long two count. Yuta able to break the grip of Page and come off the top with a missile dropkick. Manhattan drop and enziguiri combo by Yuta. Diving clothesline off the top rope by Yuta, followed by a charging clothesline in the corner and a running bulldog. Two count. Yuta goes up top yet again, but Page catches him with about a dozen headbutts. Avalanche Death Valley Driver by Page and Yuta lands VERY hard on the neck. Two count. Release German suplex by Page. Make that two. Yuta hits the switch and delivers a German suplex of his own. Two. Three. Page backflips out of a fourth German and escapes to the apron, but Yuta meets him with a big boot. German suplex by Yuta on the apron! Yuta holds on, both men roll to the floor, and Yuta with a German suplex on the floor! Yuta goes up top and hits a huge diving cross body to the floor! Yuta rolls Page in the ring and goes up top AGAIN for a splash, but Page gets his knees up! HUGE lariat by Page! Buckshot by Page but Yuta catches the arm and reverses it into an arm-trapped Olympic Slam for two! Yuta with a diving splash off the top rope. Two count! Page on the receiving end of some hammer and anvil elbows but responds with a rolling elbow! Yuta responds by biting Page in the face! Page throws Yuta to the outside but Yuta rebounds off the bottom rope, but that allows Page the time to set up and deliver the Buckshot Lariat! Death Rider by Page finishes it!

Winner: Adam Page

Rating: ****. The winner was never in doubt here, but both men delivered big time. Page gets a huge win going into his rematch with Moxley on Wednesday, and Yuta looks like a savage animal that belong at this level. Everyone wins. Match was super hard hitting and those double Germans on the apron and floor were stiff. Great stuff, great opener.

Eddie Kingston says he now understands the ways of the House of Black. Take him home. Sorry, Ortiz.

Match #2. Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, & Satnam Singh vs. Best FriendsHausen

Lethal attacks Taylor early but Taylor responds with a few arm drags. Double back elbows and double elbow drop by Best Friends. Jarrett and Danhausen are legal now, as the Best Friends hit a pair of splashes in the corner and Danhausen stands on Jarrett to pose. Soul Food/half and half combination by Best Friends! Satnam Singh is in now and Trent is in trouble. Singh whips Trent into the corner, sending him flying over and to the floor. Lethal with a big clothesline to Trent on the outside. Trent in now as Lethal catapults him neck-first under the bottom rope as we head into a break. Back from break as Trent hits a release German suplex to Lethal and makes the tag to Taylor. Taylor clears the ring before planting Lethal with a Complete Shot before locking in a Koji Clutch. Taylor drop toe holds Lethal directly into Jarrett’s groin. Taylor locks the figure four leg lock in on Jarrett, but Singh is so large he can make he tag from across the ring. Singh breaks up the submission and Danhausen makes the tag! Danhausen side steps a charging Singh, and all of the Best Friends take turns dropping Singh over the top rope, and he finally hits the deck. Danhausen grabs the guitar but the referee removes it from the ring. Jarrett catches Danhausen in the face with Stingray’s Golden Globe. Orange Punch to Sonjay on the outside, but in the meantime, Singh pins Danhausen with a single boot on the chest.

Winners: Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, & Satnam Singh

Rating: **1/2. Decent enough tag match here, heavy on the comedy as expected. Did we need Singh to get the pin after an illegal strike by Jarrett? Probably not.

Britt Baker and Ruby Soho are in the back with Renee. Baker wants Ruby to make up her mind and choose a side.

Match #3. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Tony Mud

Big elbows by Hobbs. Burning Hammer. /fin

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Rating: NR.

Dustin Rhodes is here with Renee. Dustin thanks Tony Khan for giving him the time on the show to speak to the fans, after being away from TV due to the loss of his mother. Swerve Strickland is here with the Goon Squad. Strickland says Dustin takes up too much TV time, his brother ain’t shit, and he won’t even talk about his dad. Dustin immediately gets in Swerve’s face as the referees are here to break it up.

Match #4. AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Emi Sakura

Sakura matches strength with Hayter early before low bridging her and sending her to the outside. Sakura now Irish whips Hayter from the ring apron and the barricade in succession about half a dozen times, before hitting a basement cross body block! Sakura now lays in some chops to Hayter on the outside, before rolling Hayter in the ring and hair whipping her from pillar to post. Running cross body in the corner by Sakura. Hayter fights from underneath, but Sakura hits a double leg and a twisting elbow drop. Picture perfect surfboard by Sakura, as Hayter begins to favor her lower back. Standing Dragon Sleeper by Sakura now as Hayter is forced to retreat to the outside. Both women now exchange hard chops in the middle of the ring as Hayter fires up and hits a trio of exploder suplexes. The results of the chops are shown on both Hayter and Sakura’s chests as both women look to have very obvious bruising almost immediately. Uranage back breaker by Hayter gets a long two count. Sakura responds with a stalling butterfly back breaker for two. Sakura counters a sliding lariat into a crucifix for two. Ushi garoshi by Hayter is followed by a sliding lariat for a long two count. Hayter sets Sakura up on the top rope… Tower of London! Hayter goes up top now and misses a moonsault! Majistral cradle by Sakura gets two. Tiger Bomb by Sakura! One, two, no! Big moonsault by Sakura! Hayter barely gets out before the three count. Palm strikes to the face by Sakura but Hayter comes out of nowhere with a huge lariat! Ripcord lariat by Hayter is countered into a backdrop driver by Sakura! Hayter is up.. lariat! Hayterade! This one’s over!

Winner: Jamie Hayter

Rating: ***1/4. Really entertaining, hard-hitting match here. Similar to the opening match, the winner was never in question, but Sakura brought her A game today and Hayter was up to the challenge. Both women delivered here.

Final Thoughts: Two very good matches in a one-hour show? I’m easy to please. Having Adam Page on Rampage made it feel like a big show, and a title eliminator only drove the point home. Fun episode of Rampage this week, easy sixty minutes of wrestling to watch. 7.75/10.

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