AEW Rampage Delivers Stunning Finishes on 5/19/23

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Trent takes Yuta to the corner and tags out to Bandido. Bandido gets a near fall after a senton off the top rope. Bandido to the second rope but gets caught with a superplex. Chuck tags in Moxley and Moxley hits some big elbows to Bandido in the corner. Bandido reverses with a splash but Moxley blocks the 619. Moxley gets the Clothesline From Hell for the win!
Winner: Blackpool Combat Club

This article provides a recap of AEW Rampage on 5/19/23, listing the match card and result. The Blackpool Combat Club (Moxley and Chuck Taylor) defeated the Best Amigos (Bandido and Yuta) in the main event. AEW Rampage has not yet returned to its normal timeslot. Visit for more information. Chuck and Yuta brawl outside the ring, Moxley and Trent battle in the ring, and the Best Amigos hit stereo dives to the floor. Bandido counters Claudio with a European uppercut and a tornado DDT, and ends with a springboard hurricanrana from the apron for a 2-count. [Hyperlink 1: Tornado DDT | Hyperlink 2: Hurricanrana] Blackpool Combat Club defeated Best Friends in an exciting tag team match at AEW Dynamite. Best Friends had control for a while, but Blackpool Combat Club managed to turn things around with a great sequence of moves. Claudio and Yuta hit a Paradigm Shift and a rocket launcher to finish the match. [Hyperlink 1]( [Hyperlink 2]( Blackpool Combat Club won a thrilling tag team match against Best Friends at AEW Dynamite. Claudio and Yuta sealed the victory with a Paradigm Shift and a rocket launcher. The Best Friends & Bandido

Jade Cargill’s title defenses ended in a flurry, as she was challenged by both Genesis and Taya Valkyrie. The Best Friends and Bandido then took the ring to get a win against The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass. BCC are on another level, Bandido is really showing out, and the Best Friends are always entertaining. The Best Friends and Bandido won the match.

The Best Friends and Bandido won a match against The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass. BCC are on another level, Bandido is really showing out, and the Best Friends are always entertaining. Earlier, Jade Cargill defended her AEW TBS Championship successfully against Genesis and Taya Valkyrie, and Taya Valkyrie challenged her to a match at Double or Nothing. Match Results, AEW TBS Championship History. Jericho is out with the Inner Circle.

The Varsity Athletes (Bowens and Caster) faced off against The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass in a quick match that ended with The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass prevailing. Bowens and Caster were in control until Nese looked for a tag but nobody was there, running into a combo by Bowens that ended with a superkick. The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass then delivered The Arrival and The Mic Drop to pick up the win. What followed was a recap of the Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong match. [Hyperlink 1]( WWE Rampage 2020. [Hyperlink 2]( Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho initiated a heated confrontation with Adam Cole, resulting in a pull-apart brawl. Dustin Rhodes and Bishop Kaun also had a match, which Kaun won by tripping up Dustin with the help of Prince Nana, causing Dustin to hit the cameraman and become visibly injured. [Hyperlink 1: Chris Jericho Hyperlink 2: Adam Cole] Dustin nails a neckbreaker but Kaun kicks out at two.

Dustin and Kaun battle in a back-and-forth match with Kaun gaining the advantage early on with neckbreakers and clotheslines. Dustin comes back with hard right hands, snap powerslams, drop down uppercuts, and a Code Red, but can’t put Kaun away. Kaun responds with an Air Raid Crash and a shotgun dropkick, but misses a charge and Dustin nails him with a bulldog and a neckbreaker. Kaun kicks out at two. [2 hyperlinks] Professional wrestling and Code Red the Natural Born Shooters and I’m happy. Dustin Rhodes gets the win, with Brian Cage and Keith Lee setting up a big showdown.

Dustin Rhodes won the main event match of Final Reckoning with a rating of **3/4. Afterwards, Brian Cage and Keith Lee had a confrontation involving members of the Mogul Embassy that ended with Lee being driven into the mat with a big stomp from Swerve. The episode of Final Reckoning was short, featuring one great match between the Best Amigos and the Natural Born Shooters, ending with a heated confrontation between Brian Cage and Keith Lee. This post reviews the AEW Rampage Results 5/19/23 and gives it a 6.75/10 rating. Hyperlinks provided to the original post on Wrestling Headlines and the AEW Rampage Results 5/19/23.

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