AEW Files Two More Trademarks: Could This Signal Something Big?

AEW has filed to trademark the phrases “Saturday Collision” and “Transfer Portal” with the US Patent and Trademark Office. On Wednesday’s Dynamite, AEW President Tony Khan is expected to announce the location of the debut of “Saturday Collision”. AEW has a backup location in case the debut show does not take place in Chicago. The USPTO allows for further review of the trademark applications. com/professional-wrestling-services/”>Professional Wrestling Services provides an overview of services related to wrestling, including live performances, production of wrestling programs and events, multimedia programs featuring wrestling, and ongoing television programs in the field of wrestling. It also outlines entertainment exhibitions, wrestling contests, and other entertainment services related to wrestling. It also contains two hyperlinks: Professional Wrestling Services and Wrestling Headlines. AEW has recently filed two new trademarks, suggesting they are gearing up for upcoming projects. According to Wrestling Headlines, details of these trademarks remain a mystery but they could be used for anything from video games to merchandise. Read more about it on Wrestling Headlines Two More Trademarks Filed By AEW and stay updated on the latest news in professional wrestling.

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