AEW Files Trademark for ‘Booty Mansion’

AEW has recently made a bold move in the world of professional wrestling by filing a trademark for the term “HOUSE OF ASS.” This trademark filing was made with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is intended for merchandising purposes.

The term “HOUSE OF ASS” gained attention when it was used by The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass, who emerged victorious against the House of Black to become the new AEW Trios Champions during the All In event. This victory showcased the popularity and appeal of the term, prompting AEW to secure its rights.

The trademark registration for “HOUSE OF ASS” covers various categories of merchandise, including bandanas, beanies, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and t-shirts. This indicates AEW’s intention to capitalize on the term’s marketability and create a range of products that fans can purchase to show their support for the House of Ass.

This move by AEW demonstrates the company’s commitment to building and expanding its brand. By trademarking “HOUSE OF ASS,” AEW ensures that it has exclusive rights to use the term in connection with the specified merchandise categories. This not only protects AEW’s intellectual property but also allows them to control the narrative and maintain a unique identity within the wrestling industry.

As the wrestling world evolves, intellectual property has become increasingly important. Trademarks, such as “HOUSE OF ASS,” play a crucial role in establishing a brand and differentiating it from competitors. AEW’s decision to file this trademark shows their understanding of the value of intellectual property and their dedication to solidifying their position in the market.

For more information on AEW’s trademark filing for “HOUSE OF ASS,” you can visit the Wrestling Headlines article that first reported this news. Wrestling Headlines is a reputable source for wrestling news and provides detailed coverage of the latest happenings in the industry.

It is worth noting that Wrestling Headlines is one of the leading sources for wrestling news, ensuring that fans stay informed and up to date with the latest developments. Their coverage of AEW’s trademark filing for “HOUSE OF ASS” offers insight into the significance of this move and its potential implications for the wrestling industry.

As AEW continues to make waves in the wrestling world, their trademark filing for “HOUSE OF ASS” showcases their ambition and determination to establish a unique brand. Fans can expect to see an array of merchandise featuring this term, allowing them to proudly support the House of Ass and be a part of AEW’s growing success.

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