AEW Dynamite Review: Explosive Thoughts on September 6th, 2023!

Thoughts on AEW: Dynamite – September 6th, 2023

Thoughts on AEW: Dynamite – September 6th, 2023

By Jeff Wolfe | @prowrestlingw8r

September 6, 2023

AEW: Dynamite aired on September 6th, 2023, and it was a night filled with excitement and intense matches. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights from the show.

Orange Cassidy’s Victory Lap

The show kicked off with Orange Cassidy, the former Fighting Champion, taking his victory lap after a tremendous title reign. It was heartwarming to see the crowd chanting “thank you, Orange!” and showing their appreciation for his long reign. Cassidy promised to be there every week, proving his dedication to the sport.

Wrestling Wars predicts that Cassidy will continue to be a main event player in the future, especially after the way Jon Moxley put him over. All Out, the recent pay-per-view event, delivered top-notch matches from start to finish.

Statlander Defends Her Title

In another exciting match, Statlander defended her title against Emi Sakura. The match was stiff and intense, showcasing the talent of both wrestlers. It’s worth noting that the women’s match was given a prominent spot on the show, breaking the tradition of burying it in the second hour. This is a positive step for AEW, as it shows their commitment to elevating women’s wrestling.

Wrestling Wars speculates that AEW is setting up angles quickly, with another pay-per-view event just a few weeks away. This sense of urgency ensures that storylines are developed and resolved in a timely manner.

Le Sex Gods vs. Aussie Open

Don Callis made a surprising appearance on commentary for the match between Le Sex Gods and Aussie Open. This led to speculation that Aussie Open may join The Family, a faction that has been teased in recent weeks. AEW has a history of creating factions, and it’s unlikely that The Family will be limited to just a few members.

Wrestling Wars is excited about the upcoming live shows, including one in Seattle and another in Chicago the day before Thanksgiving. These shows are expected to deliver high-quality wrestling and memorable moments.

MJF and Samoa Joe

The segment between MJF and Samoa Joe was a highlight of the night. MJF’s usual petty insults were met with chants from the crowd, but Joe turned the tables by using crowd insults to get them on MJF’s side. The segment showcased their chemistry and set the stage for a future match between the two.

Wrestling Wars believes that the build-up to the match between MJF and Samoa Joe has been well-executed, despite MJF’s recent loss to Cocoa Melon Phil. The segment also featured Adam Cole making a surprise appearance, adding another layer of excitement to the storyline.

Darby Allin vs. Nick Wayne

The main event of the night was a match between Darby Allin and Nick Wayne. The match started off with a terrifying dive by Darby that looked

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