AEW Commentator Discusses What It’s Like Working For Tony Khan

By /Jan. 27, 2023 4:30 am EST

AEW commentator Tony Schiavone has revealed what AEW President Tony Khan is like as a boss behind the scenes in the company. 

On his “What Happened When” podcast, Schiavone said that Khan is a demanding boss, but the stress of working under him is worth it as he is a genuine and caring person. 

“Tony is very demanding as a boss. It makes, at times, the week very difficult. But, listen, wrestling has always been difficult behind the scenes. It’s never been easy, so Tony can be as demanding as a boss can be. But, because he’s such a great person, such a genuine person, and loves the wrestling business, and takes care of his people, it’s worth it working for him. It’s worth the stress that we go to getting the show on because of the person that he is.”

The legendary commentator also addressed how the AEW President has been misunderstood by some pro wrestling fans and had some harsh comments for the critics of Khan. “I know a lot of people give Tony a hard time, but the people who give Tony a hard time — basically online — are as human beings not worth a fu*k,” Schiavone said. 

Apart from being a commentator and interviewer on “AEW Dynamite,” Schiavone is also a Senior Producer and Special Advisor to Talent, a role to which he was promoted in 2022. He explained that his new role is to help in the organizational aspects behind the scenes and fill any gaps that he notices. 

Schiavone has been a part of AEW since its inception and signed a new contract last year which will reportedly keep him in the company until 2024


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