A Savage display sees David Finlay to NEVER gold

Finlay makes good on promise to have Tama stretchered out of Fukuoka

One of the most personal clashes on the cards at Dontaku saw Tama Tonga attempt to defend the NEVER Openweight Championship for a second time against BULLET CLUB’s Rebel, David Finlay.

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Attempting to ambush before the match had begun backfired for the challenger, Tama Tonga attacking Finlay around the ring instead, until Finlay bulldozed Tama through the gate and the two carried on fighting into the crowd. Finlay hurled his foe into the chairs and unsuspecting fans, a callous boot to the face putting the champion on the floor and forcing him to rush back to the ring to avoid a countout loss. The match finally in the ring, Finlay continued his barbaric beatdown by biting at Tama and slinging him into the corner pads.

Incensed, a flurry of forearms only added fuel to Tama’s fire as he fired back with a suplex and a reckless lariat sending both men over the top rope. Revenge on his mind, Tama hurled his challenger mercilessly into the steel barriers again and again. Back in the ring the champion’s assault continued, a soaring splash into the corner and SRC setting up the Supreme Flow, but Tama was instead met by Finlay’s raised knees doing deadly damage to his midsection.

An exchange of forearms in the middle of the ring culminated in Finlay hammering two Irish Curse backbreakers, but the combination only earned a two count. His savagery fully on display, Finlay thrashed Tama’s face with a series of blows to the face however Tama fought back with a Tongan Twist. On the 10th anniversary of BULLET CLUB, founding member Tonga delivered Prince Devitt’s Bloody Sunday for a two count, and with each man trying to hit their respective finishers, Tama finally gained the upper hand by instead locking in a sharpshooter.

After a punishing amount of time trapped in the submission, Finlay found the solace of a rope break. Perching himself on the top rope, Tama aimed for Supreme Flow again but was viciously pushed off the top and into the unforgiving steel barrier awaiting below. Finlay quickly took advantage, powerbombing Tama onto the unrelenting ring apron before launching Tama head first into the steel corner post. Tama barely getting into the ring before the 20 count, Finlay sought a pinfall victory instead but could only earn a two count.

A pair of powerbombs would again only earn the two count for Finlay, Tama unwilling to give up his championship gold. Proceedings turned even uglier as Finlay rained down closed fists and headbutts on the vulnerable champion and another two powerbombs left fans wondering if Tama Tonga would be able to continue. Jado had to consider throwing in the towel but decided otherwise, and after hitting Into Oblivion to seemingly secure the win Finlay instead lifted Tama’s shoulders off the mat before the three count. The self-proclaimed Bullet Club leader would do the same again, and with things exceedingly uncomfortable Finlay finally hit a third Into Oblivion to end the match and be crowned NEVER Openweight Champion.


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