38-Year-Old WWE Legend Shocks Fans with Sudden Retirement Announcement

After leaving WWE, Wuertz returned to the independent scene and even wrestled in a WWE dark match in April. However, he announced his retirement on May 8.

Drake Wuertz, a former WWE referee and independent wrestler, has announced his retirement from in-ring competition. Wuertz began his career in 2002 and worked for WWE until 2021 before returning to the independent scene and even a WWE dark match in April. He made the announcement on May 8. Just To Leave Again: WWE Star Planning Hiatus Despite Following Recent Return, Former WWE Referee Announces Retirement From In-Ring Competition. He is a former professional wrestling referee that is known to have participated in deathmatches and won in tournaments hosted by Combat Zone Wrestling and IWA-Mid South. Learn more about his journey in the WWE and another referee-turned-wrestler by clicking here and here. net/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>WrestlingRumors.net has the latest rumors, news and gossip from the world of professional wrestling. Mike Wuertz was a long time referee in WWE and was known for doing his job well. He is ahead of the curve in that aspect and is an important role in any promotion. net/kierstenhall/wwe-star-outrageous-request-authorities-confirmed/”>

WWE Star Makes Outrageous Request To Authorities Confirmed

A WWE Star is reportedly planning a hiatus from the company despite their recent return. Additionally, new WWE titles have reportedly been vacated, and an upcoming title match has been set. Additionally, Bryan Danielson is allegedly helping with creative in AEW, and a WWE Star has made an outrageous request to authorities that has been confirmed. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest wrestling news. [hyperlink anchortext: Sign Up for the Exclusive Wrestling Rumors Daily Newsletter] [hyperlink anchortext: Latest Wrestling News] net/derekstoughton/not-listed-wwes-internal-roster/”>

This article looks at three topics related to professional wrestling. The first examines who is not listed on WWE’s internal roster. The second discusses Steve Austin’s opinion on Cody Rhodes losing at WrestleMania. Lastly, it pays tribute to Superstar Billy Graham. Who Is Not Listed On WWE’s Internal Roster? and WATCH: Wrestling World Pays Tribute To Superstar Billy Graham. net/category/rumors/”>Rumors

This article covers news involving All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) champion being absent due to injury, a major Usos match being discussed for WWE Money in the Bank, WWE reportedly seeing two wrestlers as top heels for the next decade, Monday Night Raw results for May 15, 2023, and Mustafa Ali’s opinion on why his feud with Seth Rollins was dropped by WWE. Hyperlinks included: AEW champion out of action due to injury https://wrestlingrumors.net/tommyhall/different-kind-positive-news-aew-champion-action-due-injury/, WWE Money in the Bank match https://wrestlingrumors.net/tommyhall/monday-night-raw-results-may-15-2023/, Mustafa Ali’s opinion <a href="https://wrestlingrumors.net/tommyhall/time-change-mustafa-ali-explains-believes-wwe-dropped-seth- 38 Year Old Former WWE Personality Drake Wuertz has announced his retirement from professional wrestling. Wuertz had been working in the Indies for the past few years after his departure from WWE. Read more about his retirement here and learn more about independent wrestling here.

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