Yuta takes down Connors, Guns for Shibata on ROH TV ?NJoA?

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Wheeler Yuta drops a stunning challenge after Pure defence

Ring of Honor TV this week saw Blackpool Combat Club representative and ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta defeat LA Dojo’s Clark Connors to retain his title, and while it was a stunning main event to the week’s event, his post match address to the crowd would turn more heads.

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After a grappling exchange opened the bout, Connors would score the first knockdown of the match, and rebounded off the ropes with a second before flooring Yuta with a forearm to secure early control. A chop exchange would follow, but the champion would bait the impetuous challenger, rolling him into a submission and forcing the Wild Rhino to use the first of three rope breaks allowed under ROH Pure Championship rules.

Going to his power, Connors would ounce back with an impactful suplex to the champion, but when looking for a Jeep Flip, would be trapped in a Cobra Twist that sent the challenger into the ropes for a second time. Drawing the referee’s caution, Yuta would press the advantage with an illegal closed fist, before setting to work on Connors, hammerlocking his arm and sending him into the corner.

Connors’ right shoulder had enough to land the Jeep Flip to send Yuta reeling, followed by a release Northern lights suplex, but a spear was denied, and the champion once again took charge. An overhead German connected, and though Connors would fire up into an impactful Spear, the challenger was unable to follow up. It would be Yuta that tried to bury elbows to his foe’s head instead, but a roll through saw him secure the Ankle Lock for Yuta’s first rope break. After a powerslam, Connors wanted the Trophy Kill, but was countered into a submission and then the Seatbelt pin for the victory.

Post match, the cocky champion would take the mic with a stunning address. Declaring the Blackpool Combat Club to offer the ‘best training in the world,’ Yuta bragged of victories over both Connors and Timothy Thatcher before stating that he was a student no longer. ‘I think it might be time to go for the teacher,’ Yuta stated before declaring ‘I will not rest until I defeat, for this ROH Pure Championship, Katsuyori Shibata’. What answer might the LA Dojo master have for Yuta?


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