WWE Planning Epic Showdown For WrestleMania 40?

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This is a match that could draw in a lot of fans and would give the company a chance to put one of their top stars in a major match.

WWE is reportedly considering a Cody Rhodes vs. Gunther main event for WrestleMania 40. This match could draw in the fans and give WWE an opportunity to highlight one of their top stars. WRESTLING RUMORS: Interesting Note On WWE Bringing Back World Heavyweight Championship, WRKD Wrestling on Twitter Cena could be a classic.

Two professional wrestlers, a babyface and a heel, on Monday Night Raw have yet to be matched at WrestleMania 40. Check out their matches on YouTube and WWE for a possible classic. Gunther and the bigger stage are suggested for a possible match at WrestleMania 40. Thomas Hall suggests readers share the story on Facebook and check out his Amazon author page and website for more wrestling content. net/tommyhall/new-match-added-nxt-takeover-xxv-wwe-announces-return/”>

New Match Added To NXT TakeOver: XXV, WWE Announces Return

This article discusses the news that WWE is potentially bringing back the World Heavyweight Championship. It provides information on the history of the title, as well as potential wrestlers that could benefit from its return. With two hyperlinks to further explore the topic, readers can click on the WRESTLING RUMORS: Interesting Note On WWE Bringing Back World Heavyweight Championship and Ouch: New Detail On Liv Morgan’s Injury, What Might Be Next articles to learn more about this potential championship return and Liv Morgan’s injury. net/derekstoughton/aew-fight-forever-receives-official-release-date/”>

All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) video game, “Fight Forever” has officially received a release date. Vince McMahon reportedly praised a surprise name following an AEW Pay Per View match. Mercedes Mone was possibly injured during a weekend title match and a 38 year old former Intercontinental Champion revealed his demands for a WWE return in list form. AEW: Fight Forever Receives Official Release Date, Rare Praise: Vince McMahon Reportedly Praised Surprise Name Following Pay Per View Match. net/author/tommyhall/”>Tommy Hall

Rob Van Dam recently revealed that Paul Heyman owed him around $150,000, Seth Rollins is set to become the first WWE Superstar to do something, Cody Rhodes called out Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in a bold statement, and NXT LVL Up Results – May 19, 2023 were announced. Read more about these developments in professional wrestling by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

[Rob Van Dam Owed Money By Paul Heyman](https://wrestlingrumors.net/tommyhall/watch-rob-van-dam-reveals-paul-heyman-owed-around-150000/) and [Seth Rollins To Make History](https://wrestlingrumors.net/tommyhall/triple-threat-seth-rollins-set-become-first-wwe-superstar-ever/). WWE is reportedly considering a major showdown for WrestleMania 40, featuring Cody Rhodes and Gunther. According to WrestlingRumors.net, this major showdown could be one of the biggest attractions of the event. Read more about this report here: [WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Considering Major Showdown For WrestleMania 40](https://wrestlingrumors.net/tommyhall/wrestling-rumors-wwe-considering-major-showdown-wrestlemania-40/).

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