Will Ospreay Reveals Why Hes Open to Listening to All Professional Wrestling Offers

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Will Ospreay spoke positively of his experience in NJPW during a recent interview with Fightful. He expressed his satisfaction with the promotion, yet still acknowledged that he would listen to other companies that may be interested in his services. He believes that his confidence enables him to bring out the best in his opponents, although conceded that his promos need more work. Will Ospreay move to the US? He loves England and is in the middle of a tour there, but he is open to exploring other opportunities.

Will Ospreay is in the middle of a tour in England and is open to exploring other opportunities in the US. He is currently heading out to America on Friday for a meet and greet and press conference, followed by a match on Sunday. Afterwards, he and his wife will go to Venice Beach before returning to England on Tuesday. He loves working in England and will explore other opportunities in the US. Read more here. Read more here. Will Ospreay expressed his love for New Japan Pro Wrestling but said he would be a fool to not “hear everybody out.” He discussed his two-year stay in Japan and the culture shock of returning to the United States. He then hyped his showdown against Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW Resurgence pay-per-view. Read more about his comments here and here. Will Ospreay recently stated he loves NJPW but he would be a fool not to hear out other offers. He has expressed interest in working with different promotions, including AEW and WWE. Two hyperlinks: Will Ospreay loves NJPW but is open to other offers. Read more about Ospreay’s statement here and learn more about his hint at AEW and WWE here.

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