Who Stole the Show? Cageside Community Ranks the Over Budget Charity Battle Royal!

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Welcome to Cageside Community Star Ratings for All Out 2023!

For some wrestling fans, star ratings are a way of life. It’s one thing to say that a match is good or bad, but can you actually put a number on it?

The star rating system is a scale ranging from 0 to 5 with increments of 0.25. A five star match is as close to perfect as it gets while a zero star match is a complete dud.

Determining the star rating for a given match is a highly subjective process. In general, the goal is to wrap up all the important elements of a match into one simple number. Some factors to consider may include the story and booking of the match, the workrate of the performers, ring psychology, length of the match, audience reaction, and so forth.

The purpose of Cageside Community Star Ratings is for the readers to assign star ratings to every single match on a given AEW pay-per-view event. There is no such thing as a wrong answer because every wrestling fan consumes this art form in a different way.

The next match up for debate from All Out is the Over Budget Charity Battle Royal.

Please select a star rating in the poll below and discuss your thoughts on this match in the comments section.

What’s your star rating for the Over Budget Charity Battle Royal?

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