Unveiled: Epic Trios Clash Set for AEW Rampage Grand Slam!

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A new trios match has been announced for AEW Rampage Grand Slam. Orange Cassidy will be teaming up with TBS Champion Kris Statlander and FTW Champion HOOK to battle Cool Hand Ang, Daddy Magic, and Anna Jay. The bout was made official after the six interacted backstage at a recent AEW event.

The highly anticipated AEW Rampage event is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 22nd, at the iconic Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. This venue has been a historic location for many memorable wrestling events, and AEW is set to deliver another exciting show for their fans.

The addition of the trios match featuring Orange Cassidy, Kris Statlander, and HOOK against Cool Hand Ang, Daddy Magic, and Anna Jay has added an extra layer of excitement to the already stacked card. This match promises to showcase the unique talents and abilities of each competitor.

Orange Cassidy, known for his laid-back and nonchalant persona, will bring a mix of comedy and surprising athleticism to the match. His unorthodox style has won over fans all around the world, and his partnership with Kris Statlander and HOOK is sure to create a formidable trio.

Kris Statlander, the current TBS Champion, has been on a dominant run since capturing the title. Her otherworldly strength and agility make her a force to be reckoned with in the women’s division. Teaming up with Orange Cassidy and HOOK will only enhance the team’s chances of victory.

Speaking of HOOK, the young prodigy has been making waves in AEW with his impressive in-ring skills and intense demeanor. As the reigning FTW Champion, HOOK has proven that he can hang with the best in the business. His presence in the trios match adds an element of unpredictability.

On the opposing side, Cool Hand Ang, Daddy Magic, and Anna Jay form a formidable trio that should not be underestimated. Cool Hand Ang, known for his technical prowess and submission skills, will look to ground the high-flying antics of Orange Cassidy and his team.

Daddy Magic, a charismatic and unpredictable competitor, brings an element of surprise to the match. His unorthodox style and mind games have thrown off many opponents in the past, and he will be looking to do the same against Cassidy, Statlander, and HOOK.

Anna Jay, a rising star in the women’s division, has shown tremendous potential and skill. Her partnership with Cool Hand Ang and Daddy Magic adds a dynamic mix of styles that could pose a serious threat to the opposing team.

With the stage set at Arthur Ashe Stadium and the anticipation building, AEW Rampage Grand Slam promises to be an unforgettable event. The trios match between Orange Cassidy, Kris Statlander, and HOOK against Cool Hand Ang, Daddy Magic, and Anna Jay is just one of the many exciting matchups that fans can look forward to.

Be sure to tune in to AEW Rampage Grand Slam on Friday, September 22nd, to witness all the action and drama unfold in the squared circle.

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