Trish & Lita get Cardi B to tweet (and delete) about WWE again

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Music mega-star Cardi B has made it clear a few times in the past that she used to watch WWE. The chart-topping and Grammy-winning rapper was a fan during the Ruthless Aggression era, which would be around the time Lita and Trish Stratus became the first women to main event Raw.

WWE knows this, and has made it clear themselves that they would love to do business with Cardi. Unfortunately, one attempt they made to get Billboard’s 2020 Woman of the Year involved in their product seemed to backfire after a follow-up Twitter exchange with Lacey Evans turned the work into a shoot.

So the company was probably thrilled when Cardi heard about the main event of Raw last night (Feb. 27), and shared her excitement in response to their tweet about Stratus helping Becky Lynch & Lita win the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles.

But as you can probably guess by the fact we’re embedding a screen shot from a web cache and not the tweet itself, Cardi deleted her message overnight. Who knows why, but the fact she didn’t even want an innocuous message like “Lita & Trish? What’s going on???!!!” floating around on social media could mean she didn’t want to encourage any rumors of her imminent involvement with WWE.

Or maybe Cardi watched the match after tweeting and decided she didn’t like part-timers taking a WreslteMania spot from regular members of the roster, even if they were her childhood faves?

She is a wrestling fan, after all.


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