Tony Khan Drops Bombshell News on Mercedes Moné, Unveils Epic All Out/All In PPV Package, and Much More!

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AEW Owner Tony Khan Discusses Various Topics on Media Call

AEW owner, president, and booker Tony Khan recently held a media call to discuss a range of topics, including the highly-anticipated return of CM Punk and the incident involving Punk and Jack Perry at the “All In” event. While Khan remained tight-lipped on certain subjects, he did provide insight into other aspects of AEW’s future.

One of the highlights of the media call was Khan’s discussion of the upcoming Wrestledream PPV. Khan expressed optimism about the possibility of featuring New Japan wrestlers on the Antonio Inoki tribute show. He also praised Mercedes Moné, calling her “one of the best wrestlers on the planet.” Although Khan believes Moné may not be cleared for the Wrestledream event on October 1, it seems likely that the former Sasha Banks will be joining AEW in the near future.

In terms of future events, Khan revealed that he had initially intended to bundle the “All In” and “All Out” PPVs together but encountered difficulties with providers. While he plans to run both shows on consecutive weekends again in 2024, Khan hinted that “All Out” could potentially be on a different platform next year.

Khan also spoke highly of Ring of Honor, praising the hard work of all the brand’s champions. He mentioned that Billie Starkz is awaiting medical clearance for an injury and expressed hope that she could challenge Athena for the ROH Women’s title on the upcoming Zero Hour pre-show.

Additionally, Khan shared some impressive statistics about the success of “All In” London. He stated that the event brought in more revenue than any Starrcade event and sold more tickets than any WrestleMania. This achievement solidifies AEW’s growing popularity and success in the wrestling industry.

When asked about the late Terry Funk, Khan expressed his admiration for the legendary wrestler. Although they never had the opportunity to meet, Khan revealed that Tommy Dreamer had attempted to arrange a meeting between the two.

Finally, Khan addressed the decision to not run any shows other than “All In” during AEW’s first visit to the United Kingdom. However, he hinted that next year could bring a different scenario, suggesting the possibility of additional events in the UK.

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