TJ Wilson Reveals Crucial Role in Shaping WWE Women’s Division’s Evolution

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TJ Wilson, also known as Tyson Kidd, recently appeared on the podcast Out of Character to discuss various topics, including his significant role in the evolution of the WWE women’s division. Wilson expressed his emotions and gratitude for working with the talented women in the company.

During the interview, Wilson shared a heartwarming story about losing precious texts from some of the women wrestlers at WrestleMania due to a phone reset. However, the women assured him that they would restore the texts, which deeply touched Wilson. He expressed his appreciation for the credit and recognition that comes with working with women in the industry.

Wilson also discussed how his age and injury have made him more emotional, particularly when watching women’s matches. He explained that it’s different when he’s calling a match live, as he has to focus on multiple aspects. However, when he watches the matches back at home, he becomes very emotional. Wilson considers it a tremendous honor to be part of the movement to elevate women’s wrestling and acknowledges that there is still work to be done.

This year’s Women’s Royal Rumble marked the sixth edition of the event, while the men’s Royal Rumble has had over 30 editions. Wilson acknowledged the need to close the gap and believes that the WWE is doing a great job in achieving that goal.

For more information, you can listen to the full podcast episode of Out of Character with TJ Wilson, available here.

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