This photo from NXT Arrival will blow your mind

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This came across our timelines via a retweet from Xavier Woods (upper right corner, immediately behind Scott Armstrong and a couple rows in front of cowboy Wesley Blake and a nerdy looking Buddy Matthews), but it originated from social media pro Guille Cummings, who did great work during his time running the WWE on FOX account.

His original tweet reads, “9 years ago today, still one of the highlights of my career.”

We didn’t just embed that because you need to see this one as big as possible to really appreciate the “Oh Wow” of it all. Click and zoom in so you can get lost in it like we did…

Guille Cummings’ Twitter

Everyone looks so young! And for the folks who are still on television, not quite as buff and toned as they’d eventually get!

We had a lot of thoughts about this picture from Feb. 27, 2014, among them “I forgot about Angelo Dawkins’ backpack rapper gimmick,” “Bill DeMott wasn’t already gone by then?”, and of course, “SAMI!”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this slice of history, taken on the occasion of the first NXT live special (before they were TakeOvers), and the first live wrestling show streaming on the brand new WWE Network streaming service (essentially, a pilot test before WrestleMania XXX would really tax the system five weeks later).

If you really want to get weird, check out the NXT Arrival live blog and review from a couple of crazy kids who probably never dreamed they’d still be doing this nine years later.

What blew your mind about Cummings’ picture from Arrival?


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