Templario on top in Kyoto relevos increibles

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Templario and Atlantis Jr. victorious in second main event of tour

The second night of Fantasticamania 2023 saw action in Kyoto’s stunning KBS Hall, with relevos increibles tag action in the main event. Strange bedfellows Templario and Atlantis Jr. would team opposite Volador Jr. and Mistico in the headline spot.

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Atlantis Jr. and Mistico would start the bout, a handshake between present and future icons of CMLL and one on one opponents at tour close February 28 starting the bout. From there the pace quickened, and high speed offence would see Mistico on top with a cross body before a tag on both sides.

Templario and Volador would be similarly evenly matched, but it would be Mistico that was first pressured into the corner, Templario and Atlantis Jr. able to put offense together before a double arm drag from Mistico, and a Deja Vu headscissors from Volador. Mistico wanted more noise from the crowd however, and a pause to play to KBS Hall before taking flight would see Templario take advantage.

A volley of dives would follow, Atlantis Jr. with the most spectacular cross body plancha all the way over the top to the floor. Back inside, Mistico was able to land a springboard high cross, and Volador would stop Atlantis gaining an advantage, a back cracker scoring to the son of the legend. Templario would be effective in assisting his partner, but was rocked with a springboard Destroyer from Mistico, the match continuing at a high pace back and forth.

Templario would plant all three other members of the match with a Tower of Doom out of the corner, but as bodies flew everywhere, Mistico caught Templario with La Mistica, only for Atlantis Jr. to make the save. Mistico would deal a receipt with a spectacular plancha to Atlantis, while Volador would counter a Templario top rope power bomb with a tijeras in mid air, but El Templo would end the Skywalker’s night and give the victory to Templario.


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