Sean Waltman Reveals Eye-Opening Chat With Sgt. Slaughter Regarding WWE Entry, Almost Signed With NJPW

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WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently joined Dr. Beau Hightower’s Youtube channel for a back adjustment, which also included the former DX and nWo member recalling the early days of his career and how he nearly joined NJPW before getting the call from WWE. Highlights from Waltman’s visit can be found below.

During the interview, Waltman revealed the conversation he had with Sgt. Slaughter about joining WWE. He shared, “Sgt. Slaughter called me, and he even said, ‘Hey, this is Sgt. Slaughter from the World Wrestling Federation.’ I figured it was him, but somehow I spaced out the part where he said World Wrestling Federation. He’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re having TV tapings the day after WrestleMania,’ and I’m still not putting two and two together. Finally, he goes, ‘Yeah, we want to bring you in,’ and finally it hits me, and I go, ‘Oh, my god!’”

Interestingly, Waltman also mentioned how NJPW was ready to hire him right when WWE made the call. He explained, “I had a tryout at WCW probably a year earlier, and it was great. It was great. I had a great match. I would have gotten hired, but they switched bosses the next day, very next day. So yeah, I wasn’t their idea, so I wasn’t coming in. So I was kind of bummed out a little bit. New Japan finally was going to bring me in. As soon as New Japan hires me, WWE calls me. So, I had a couple of different choices there.”

It’s fascinating to hear about the different paths that wrestlers could have taken in their careers. Waltman’s story highlights the unpredictable nature of the wrestling industry and the opportunities that can arise at any moment.

For fans of X-Pac, this interview provides a rare glimpse into his early career and the decisions he had to make. It’s always interesting to hear about the behind-the-scenes negotiations and the factors that ultimately lead wrestlers to choose one promotion over another.

Be sure to check out the full interview on Dr. Beau Hightower’s Youtube channel to hear more from Sean “X-Pac” Waltman.

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