Roxanne Perez Shares Anxiously Awaited Mental Health Storyline With NXT: Bringing Mental Health into the Ring

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She pitched multiple ideas, but they all got shot down until this year.

Roxanne Perez is happy to have the opportunity to bring mental health awareness into the WWE through NXT, after pitching the idea when she first arrived. She believes using her story to help people understand they are not alone is the most important thing she could do. Read more in the METRO UK interview. She discussed her anxiety storyline and her goal to bring more awareness to mental health in professional wrestling. She also shared her experience at her WWE tryout and how she was prepared to make her case to the company. She was told that it was too much for the audience to handle and there was no way that she was going to get it on television.

Roxanne Perez recently relinquished her NXT Women’s Championship due to physical exhaustion and a mental collapse caused by anxiety. In an interview with METRO UK, she expressed her excitement to be able to bring mental health into wrestling and be a voice for people struggling with it. She originally wanted to bring this storyline to NXT but was told it was too much for the audience to handle. Read her full story here. Roxanne Perez discussed her experience trying out for WWE and her experience discussing mental health with the company. She revealed that when she mentioned wanting to do something with mental health, WWE responded with ‘we’ll see’. You can read more of her thoughts on her tryout by clicking here.

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