Road Dogg Hails Paul Heyman as Wrestling Manager Legend, Ranks Him Among Mount Rushmore Elite

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Road Dogg, the former WWE wrestler and current host of “Oh…You Didn’t Know,” recently shared his thoughts on Paul Heyman, who is currently aligned with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on television. In the latest episode of his show, Road Dogg praised Heyman’s physical appearance and ranked him on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling managers.

Road Dogg commended Heyman for looking “freaking great” at 58 years old and stated that he is on top of his game. He wished Heyman a happy birthday and congratulated him on his success. Road Dogg’s kind words towards Heyman show the respect and admiration he has for his colleague.

Furthermore, Road Dogg firmly believes that Heyman deserves a spot on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling managers. He expressed his confidence in this statement, stating that Heyman’s body of work speaks for itself. Road Dogg also highlighted the longevity of Heyman’s career as proof of his exceptional managerial skills.

While Road Dogg acknowledges that some people may argue about the other three spots on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling managers, he firmly believes that Heyman’s inclusion is not up for debate. This endorsement from a fellow wrestling professional further solidifies Heyman’s reputation as one of the greatest managers in the industry.

It is worth noting that Road Dogg and Heyman have a great relationship, which may have influenced Road Dogg’s opinion. However, Road Dogg’s praise for Heyman’s work and his acknowledgment of Heyman’s impact in the wrestling world cannot be dismissed.

For more information on Road Dogg’s thoughts on Paul Heyman and his ranking on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling managers, you can watch the latest episode of “Oh…You Didn’t Know” on YouTube.

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