QTV is coming to AEW… so what is it?

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During the episode of AEW Dark that premiered last night (Feb. 21), we got this teaser:

QTV is coming soon… whatever QTV is. Assuming it’s a gimmick of some sort and not an actual new show, guesses we’ve seen floating around are:

o A QT Marshall talk show segment

o Dustin Rhodes finally getting to do GTV

o Someone working an “investigative journalist” character (possibly, as our man Manolo joked, as Tony Khan’s way to take shots at Ariel Helwani)

None — minus that last one, because we’re wrestling fans and are generally predisposed to love messy drama — does much for us, or feels like it’ll be something that helps AEW attract more fans right now. But you never know what will get hot, and the fact this teaser aired on one of their YouTube shows tells us it’s probably just someone trying out an act, and not something that will play an integral role in company’s storylines.

Give us your guesses below.


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