Paul London Says He’s A Big Fan Of Joey Janela: “He’s Doing Something Different”

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Paul London comments on his recent return to the ring at AIW, and how much he enjoyed getting to work with GCW star and former AEW talent, Joey Janela.

London discussed these topics during his recent appearance on Cafe de Rene with Renee Dupree, where praised the Bad Boy for bringing a different kind of energy to the sport, one that makes him stand out in a unique way. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he recently got to work with Ricardo Rodriguez:

I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve been, just recently, putting my feet back in the water. Several weeks ago, I was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with Ricardo (Rodriguez), the former manager of Alberto Del Rio. Tremendous human being, I’ve always thought so highly of him as well. I’ve been having really fortunate things where, you’re thinking all of these things, I put a lot of pressure on myself before every show, and I get different bits of nerves for different reasons.

Says he had a lot of fun in his return to the ring:

It’s been a little while and, in my head, people have certain hopes. It’s not that I’m aiming for that, but it’s definitely something where you want to be high and up and entertaining and exceed their expectations. You work smarter, not harder. I still worked my ass off, I feel. Took a pretty insane german that has been making the rounds. Everyone in the match was on point. It was a crazy and chaotic match. It went all over the building. It was great, a lot of fun, nobody is dead.

On getting to work with Joey Janela:

It was my first time meeting and working with Joey Janela too. I’m a fan of his, I like his work. He’s doing something different. He’s loud in a different way. He’s certainly made an improvement to his physique over to where he was when he was on those Dynamite shows. Hats off to any of the wrestlers who performed during those TV segments when there was no fans in the building.

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