NWA Roundup: Two advance to TV title tournament, Fulton mystery team

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Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr featured Mike Knox chokeslamming Matt Cardona through a table, Kenzie Paige versus KiLynn King in the third qualifying bout for the women’s TV title tournament, and two titles bouts made for the NWA 312 PPV.

The main event was supposed to be Bully Ray versus Mike Knox with the stipulation that a win from Bully means he will get a match with Matt Cardona. Knox attacked before the bell, chaos broke out, and the match never officially started. When Bully was in control setting up a table, Cardona ran in to assault his nemesis. Cardona ordered Knox to put Bully through the table. Tension arose between the friends when Knox took exception with Cardona’s disrespect. When Cardona slapped Knox, Knox chokeslammed Cardona through the table.

Kenzie Paige battled KiLynn King in a qualifying bout for the Women’s World Television Championship tournament. King dominated early until Paige rallied with a DDT. King muscled out of a crossface to slam Paige into the turnbuckles. King hit a superplex, but she was unable to make the pin. King smashed clotheslines and a powerslam. Paige came back with superkicks and a uranage. Both ladies fired up to throw blows in the center of the ring. King got the upper hand for a full nelson slam. Paige showed grit to kick out. Paige dug deep to surprise King on a counter tornado cutter out of the corner to win. That was a quality win from Paige boosting her from goofy cheater to legit competitor.

The Women’s TV Title Tournament continues on #NWAPowerrr and @KenziePaige_1 & @KiLynnKing are at WAR!

https://t.co/Cvou938GvG pic.twitter.com/tAAohYfeSA

— NWA (@nwa) February 28, 2023

In other action, Fodder defeated VHS. Psycho Boy handled business with a swinging uranage.

On the promo tip, two title shots were cashed in from Champions Series winners for the NWA 312 PPV on April 7. Las Rosa Negra challenged Kamille for the NWA Women’s World Championship. They have respectful history when Kamille was breaking into the business, however, Kamille made it clear that they will be enemies in the ring. And Kamille has no mercy on her enemies. Chris Adonis called out Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Adonis has delivered great match after great match, and he has momentum after beating former world champ Trevor Murdoch. If Adonis gets the Masterlock tight, then he will win the Ten Pounds of Gold.

EC3 and Jordan Clearwater chatted about the new partnership between CYN and Church’s Money Entertainment. Clearwater didn’t know what CYN is, but he is open to opportunity. Aron Stevens and May Valentine had a lengthy therapy session with Dr. Michael Busey after their failed wedding. They did exercises to release negative energy, however, nothing was resolved. In my opinion, this was terrible. It had a few chuckles, but it was too long and not interesting.

The latest episode of NWA USA featured Bobby Fulton’s mystery tag team, the fourth qualifying bout for the women’s TV championship tournament, and a #1 contender contest for the US tag titles.

Last week, Bobby Fulton was sassed by the Fixers, so he came back this week with a mystery tag team to kick butt. Fulton ushered in two incredible dudes, Chris Adonis and Rhett Titus. The stipulation dictated that a Fixers loss means they would have to surrender the stolen old US tag titles. The Fixers attacked before the bell for early control to isolate Titus. Hot tag to Adonis cleaning house. Titus dropkicked Wrecking Ball Legursky into the Masterlock for victory. After the match, the Fixers handed over the stolen goods. Fulton wanted to put the titles in a museum to preserve NWA history. The Fixers posed for a memorial photo, then they stole the belts back.

Max The Impaler and Natalia Markova competed in a qualifying bout for the NWA Women’s World Television Championship tournament. Max muscled Markova with a gutbuster and swinging choke. Markova created space with kicks, but Father James Mitchell tripped her running the ropes. Max was back on top for a uranage and curb stomp into the turnbuckle. Markova kicked out of both covers on those moves. Markova flipped the switch of anger to unleash kicks in the corner. Max was down. Markova choked Max in the corner ignoring the referee’s five-count to break. The ref called for the bell, and Max was granted the victory via disqualification. Afterward, Max smashed Markova down to the mat. Magician’s assistant CJ entered the ring to seemingly mock the destruction of Markova.


Max advances to join Taya Valkyrie, Ashley D’Amboise, and Kenzie Paige in the TV title tournament. I believe that is the final four. The finale will take place at NWA 312 to crown the inaugural champion.

The main event was the #1 contender bout for the NWA United States Tag Team Championship. The SVGS (Savages) duo of Jax Dane and Blake Troop competed against the Ill Begotten pair of Alex Taylor and Jeremiah Plunkett. Dane was the game-changer taking power control to set up Troop for a figure-four submission on Plunkett. SVGS earned the right to challenge Country Gentlemen AJ Cazana and Anthony Andrews.

On the promo tip, Mike Knox clarified the fallout of his actions toward Matt Cardona. Knox was promised that Cardona had an army, but nobody has been there except Knox. He was tired of being the only one to handle Cardona’s troubles. Plus, Cardona stopped paying the bar bills and fines, and that was the part of deal to secure Knox’s services. Knox wished Cardona luck in dealing with Bully Ray. Knox’s babyface turn was complete after apologizing to May Valentine for past behavior.

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