NWA Powerrr Results 2/28/23

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NWA Powerrr Results 2/28/23PBS StudiosTampa Bay, Florida

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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

– La Rosa Negra informs us that she will be cashing in her Champions Series Title Shot at the NWA 312 PPV.

First Match: Fodder w/Angelina Love vs. VHS

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Fodder shoves VHS into the canvas. Fodder signals for the test of strength. Fodder kicks VHS in the gut. Fodder HeadButts VHS. Chop Exchange. Fodder with a toe kick. Fodder slams VHS’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Fodder is throwing haymakers at VHS. Fodder with a back elbow smash. Fodder with a corner clothesline. Following a snap mare takeover, Fodder with a Running Neck Snap. Fodder kicks VHS in the chest. Fodder with an Elbow Drop. Love licks Fodder’s face. Fodder with a corner clothesline. Fodder with a Ripcord Lariat. Fodder connects with The Psycho Slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: Fodder via Pinfall 

– EC3’s Control Your Narrative has a working relationship with Church’s Money.

– We get a vignette of May Valentine and Aron Stevens going to couples therapy.


Second Match: Kilynn King vs. Kenzie Paige In A NWA World Women’s Television Championship Tournament Qualifying Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Paige side steps King into the turnbuckles. Paige is playing mind games with King. Paige kicks King in the gut. Paige applies a side headlock. King whips Paige across the ring. King drops Paige with a shoulder tackle. Paige applies The Sleeper Hold. King sends Paige back first into the canvas. King with two bodyslams. King with a snap elbow drop for a two count. King sends Paige to the corner. King rocks Paige with a forearm smash. King with a SpringBoard Knee Strike. Paige regroups on the outside. Paige avoids The Wrecking Ball Dropkick. King blocks a boot from Paige. King unloads three knife edge chops. King rolls Paige back into the ring. Paige dodges The Pump Kick. Paige uses the top rope as a weapon. Paige tugs on King’s hair. Paige SuperKicks King for a two count. Paige punches King in the back. King with two sharp elbow strikes. Paige with a running back elbow smash. Paige is choking King with her boot. Paige puts her leg on the back of King’s neck. Paige with a Running Meteora for a one count.

Paige applies a rear chin lock. King attacks the midsection of Pagie. Paige kicks the right shoulder of King. King blocks The Flying Headscissors Takeover. Paige drops King with a DDT for a two count. Paige applies The CrossFace. King dumps Paige ribs first on the top turnbuckle pad. King with a running knee lift. King with The SuperPlex. King follows that with two clotheslines. King slaps Paige in the chest. King with a corner clothesline. King decks Paige with a back elbow smash. King Powerslams Paige for a two count. King goes for The Excalibuster, but Paige lands back on her feet. Paige with two thrust kicks. Paige hits The Uranage Slam for a two count. Palm Strike Exchange. King rocks Paige with a forearm smash. Paige rolls King over for a two count. Paige ducks a clothesline from King. King sends Paige into the ropes. King delivers a Roundhouse Kick. King connects with The Kingdom Falls for a two count. Paige denies The Excalibuster. Paige with a Headscissors Takeover. Paige ducks a clothesline from King. Paige plants King with The Slice Bread #2 to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kenzie Paige via Pinfall 

Third Match: Bully Ray vs. Mike Knox 

Knox attacks Bully before the bell rings. Knox is throwing haymakers at Bully. Knox starts choking Bully in the corner. Knox wraps the chain around Bully’s face. Knox continues to tee off on Bully. Knox with an Elbow Drop. Knox delivers multiple chair shots. The match never started. Bully dodges a running chair shot. Bully Spears Knox. Bully gives Knox the chair treatment. Bully has a fan at ringside pull out a table from under the ring.

Bully with a chair shot to the back of Knox. Matt Cardona attacks Bully from behind. Cardona transitions into a ground and pound attack. The Cardona Family gangs up on Bully. Cardona gets up in Knox’s grill. Cardona slaps Knox in the face. Knox grabs Cardona by his throat. Knox Chokeslams Cardona through the table. Knox gives Cardona the middle finger salute as the show goes off the air.

Match Result: No-Contest 

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