Nick Aldis Wants To Work With Bryan Danielson, GUNTHER, Roman Reigns, and Drew McIntyre

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Nick Aldis would love to step into the ring with some of the top names in the industry.

The National Treasure spoke on this topic during a recent interview on the AJ Awesome Show, where he dropped names like Bryan Danielson, Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and GUNTHER as opponents he would love to face. Check out the former two-time NWA World Champion’s full breakdown of each superstar in the highlights below.

On Bryan Danielson:

Well I would love to wrestle Bryan Danielson. I’ve never wrestled him in a singles match. We actually did do some tag team matches a long time ago when I was like a complete rookie. I think it was my first year in wrestling, in England. But obviously, he’s, as far as sort of an in-ring performer, he’s cream of the crop.

Thinks he would make a good opponent for Roman Reigns:

Roman (Reigns) obviously. If you’re in this business, you wanna work with the alpha, the top guy and I don’t think I’m being unrealistic when I say that I could pose an interesting contrast of character to him and from a sort of credibility standpoint and a size standpoint and a personality standpoint. I think that I match up well with guys like him…

Says he and GUNTHER could tell a compelling story:

GUNTHER is a name that gets thrown out a lot and I know that he was very complimentary of NWA Powerrr when we first started it and of me and what we had done and stuff like that and I was always very grateful to him for being gracious about that and now seeing, you know, what’s he sort of involved into, you sort of look at it and you think that would be a compelling matchup with the right circumstances.

Says he and Drew McIntyre could do big business in Britain:

Drew McIntyre. I think that British fans, it would always be, with the right circumstances, you know, heavyweight English guy versus the heavyweight Scottish guy in Britain, that could always be an attraction and sometimes, you just wanna look at it from a simplistic point of view and it’s like, that wouldn’t take a lot of effort to make that one an attraction.

Aldis officially departed the NWA back in 2022. He is currently a free agent and has yet to commit to any company. You can read his latest thoughts on the subject in a separate interview here.

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