ney Taiji Ishimori Sidelined with Injury, Forced Out of BOSJ Tournament

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Taiji Ishimori sustained a cervical vertebra injury during a Best of the Super 30 league match with Hiromu Takahashi on May 21. He is currently at home and able to move normally but without a timetable for a return to the ring. As a result, he will not compete for the remainder of the Best of the Super Jr. tour and will lose his May 23 match with TJP via forfeit, granting TJP 2 points. Fans are encouraged to wish Ishimori a fast, full recovery. New Japan Pro-Wrestling apologizes for his absence. Professional wrestling is a form of entertainment that combines athletics and theatrical performance. It involves inter-gender and inter-promotional matches between wrestlers. Professional wrestling features a variety of techniques such as submission holds, throws, and submission maneuvers. The goal of professional wrestling is to win matches and become a successful wrestler. Professional wrestling is also an international phenomenon with fans and markets all over the world. <a href="https://www.sportskeeda.

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