Maven Defends JBL, Denies Bullying Allegations

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Maven Says JBL Is Not A Bully

Former WWE star Maven recently shared his thoughts on JBL, addressing the reputation the former WWE Champion had for being a bully during his time in the company. Maven, however, sees JBL in a different light.

Maven acknowledged JBL’s toughness and resilience, recalling a match where JBL’s face was bloody and battered. Despite the physical toll, Maven emphasized that JBL never complained or showed any signs of being upset. Maven believes that JBL’s ability to handle business without complaint is a testament to his professionalism.

While there have been reports and rumors about JBL’s behavior backstage, Maven offered a different perspective. Maven described JBL as a loud, boisterous, and jovial individual who is not afraid to express his desires and strategies to achieve them. Maven believes that some people may interpret JBL’s assertiveness as bullying, but he personally never experienced JBL as a bully.

Maven also mentioned that JBL is known for being a stiff wrestler, meaning that his moves can be intense and impactful. Maven acknowledged that feeling the impact of JBL’s clothesline is part of the business and not a reflection of bullying behavior.

Overall, Maven described JBL as one of the nicest guys in the world, despite his loud and assertive nature. Maven’s perspective offers a different angle on JBL’s reputation and challenges the notion that he was a backstage bully.

For more on Maven’s thoughts on JBL, you can check out his YouTube channel.

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