LA Knight Claims: His Greatest Crowd Response Came When He Emerged as Me, Not as Himself!

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LA Knight continues to take shots at his rival, The Miz, ahead of their upcoming match at Payback. In a recent interview with Claibs Online, Knight didn’t hold back in criticizing The Miz and even suggested that the best reaction Miz ever received was when he impersonated Knight on Raw.

Knight responded to Michael Cole’s comment on SmackDown, where Cole stated that The Miz is jealous. Knight agreed with Cole’s statement and shared his perspective on the situation. He mentioned that while he was busy with photo shoots and other commitments after winning the Slim Jim Battle Royale, The Miz became upset about it. Knight believes that The Miz’s jealousy stems from his desire to be as successful and adored as Knight.

Furthermore, Knight pointed out that The Miz attempted to cosplay as him on Raw, but he believes that The Miz is on a different level compared to him and other top stars. Knight stated, “He’s putting me on that same level with them, and putting himself on another level which is below all of us.”

The rivalry between LA Knight and The Miz has been heating up, and their upcoming match at Payback is highly anticipated. Fans can expect a clash between two charismatic and talented superstars who are determined to prove their worth in the ring.

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