Kurt Angle and Giovanna Reunite In Vow Renewal Ceremony

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle announced his remarriage to his wife, Giovanna, via Twitter. The couple had originally married in 2012 and celebrated the joyous occasion with their children present. We’d like to congratulate Kurt and Giovanna on their special day. [Wrestling Headlines] [Kurt Angle Twitter post] Kurt Angle shared a picture of the ceremony on Twitter.

Kurt Angle has remarried his wife Giovanna Angle at the Crossroads Church with their children present. He announced it on Twitter, sharing a picture of the ceremony. Kurt Angle Gets Remarried To His Wife Giovanna | Wrestling Headlines Kurt Angle recently celebrated his re-marriage to his wife Giovanna at Crossroads Church, in front of their children. We at Wrestling Headlines congratulate the Olympic Hero and his bride. Kurt Angle Remarries Wife Giovanna, Twitter Post.

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