Kris Statlander Reveals Her Top AEW Matches in Exclusive Interview

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AEW superstar Kris Statlander, the current reigning TBS Champion, recently participated in a media scrum at STARRCAST VI in Chicago. During the scrum, Statlander discussed her favorite matches in AEW, with Wrestling Headlines present to capture the conversation.

When asked about her favorite matches under the AEW banner, Statlander wasted no time in selecting her top bout: her match against Britt Baker at the All Out 2021 pay-per-view. Despite not emerging victorious, Statlander expressed immense pride in the match and the overall atmosphere of the event.

“The match with Britt Baker is a very, I’m very proud of that,” Statlander said. “Even though I did not come out victorious that time, that was, I think, the emotion and energy around that day… there’s just something about that pay-per-view that just everyone was just buzzing the entire time and it was one of the most like feel-good days that we’ve all had and it was just… it was just a very exciting time for all of us and I was so grateful to be a part of it. I think we, all of us, the whole roster, everyone that was on that show, we all stepped up and we really put on quite an unforgettable show because I know that’s one of the pay-per-views that’s constantly brought up as being one of the AEW’s best. And I’m just so glad that I have my name stamped on there.”

Statlander also expressed pride in her match against Ruby Soho in Las Vegas and vowed to finally defeat her longtime rival at the upcoming ALL OUT pay-per-view.

“I’m also very proud of my very first main event match with Ruby Soho in Las Vegas where, again, I didn’t win,” Statlander shared. “I’m very proud of matches that I can’t win, apparently. But I’m so proud of that match because, again, that one felt like a turning point for me, almost. That’s when I felt like people really saw me as a future champion. And there’s kind of a switch in everyone’s feelings towards me. And unfortunately, not long after that, I blew out my knee again, or my other knee I should say. But I feel like that was a turning point that led to me getting to here. So hopefully after this match on Sunday with Ruby, I will be proud of that match for finally beating her, and I will be proud of the match that I’ve won.”

For the full scrum interview with Kris Statlander, watch the video below:

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As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming ALL OUT pay-per-view, it’s clear that Kris Statlander is determined to make her mark in AEW. With her favorite matches serving as inspiration and motivation, fans can expect an incredible showdown between Statlander and Ruby Soho.

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