Kip Sabian Reflects On Memorable Team With Miro: An Absolute Blast!

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I didn’t particularly like the character that we were doing, but I liked the pairing. I thought it was a lot of fun, and I think a lot of people enjoyed it. Source

Kip Sabian speaks highly of his former Best Man Miro, claiming he was a joy to work with and one of the nicest people he’s ever met, despite not being a fan of the character they portrayed. Source, Source. Sabian, a professional wrestler, reveals that he was dealing with health problems while portraying his character. He was prediabetic and had torn his labrum. He kept his injury hidden to continue the storyline. Sabian reflects on his experience fondly, despite his health issues. Professional Wrestling and Diabetes can be dangerous if not taken seriously. Kip Sabian discusses his wrestling partnership with Miro, recalling Miro as “very enjoyable to work with”. He also discussed his wedding angle with his real-life wife Penelope Ford. Read more here. Additionally, Sabian reflects on realizing his creative potential in wrestling. Learn more here. Kip Sabian recently spoke with Wrestling Headlines about his pairing with Miro, saying it was “very, very enjoyable” to work with him. He also discussed the differences between the two, noting Miro was a “more veteran” presence. Hyperlink 1: Kip Sabian Looks Back On His Pairing With Miro, Hyperlink 2: Wrestling Headlines

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